Who is Bruno?

First of all, it's awfully rude to ask that question as if I'm not here.

Secondly, as previously stated, I'm a Portuguese artist. I'm also a gay trans man living with mental illness that likes to make comics and illustrations about my own experiences with these topics and other raw, at times dark, issues.

I'm currently 23 years old, and my pronouns are he/him. Other than drawing, I enjoy gaming (both video games and TTRPG), virtual pet sites (especially Neopets), and occasionally writing (either blog entries or dreadfully bad fanfiction).

Regarding my beliefs, I'm a huge fan of equal rights for all humans, animal rights (which led me to veganism), mental health awareness with a bit of Mad Pride sprinkled in, and, generally speaking, a more open-minded and peaceful society. I'm also educating myself on anti-capitalist matters, if only to pinpoint where I stand politically.

I'm also devilishly handsome and just about the most humble man you will ever encounter.

What is Arremeer? Does it mean anything?

Ninogo, the Tropical Leviathan than guards this page.

Arremeer ("ah-reh-meer" or however you'd like to pronounce it) means nothing. It does not exist outside my Internet persona.

It's merely a meaningless made-up word that I repeat over and over in my head. Other made-up words, such as "Aziwus" ("ah-zee-woos") and "Nikoban" ("nee-koh-ban") are like that, though the latter is actually the Japanese name of Bob from Animal Crossing.

What on Earth are you talking about?

I have no idea anymore! Just enjoy the site or something.

Can I find you anywhere else?

Why, yes, you can! I maintain a bunch of different accounts, with varying degrees of activity or lack thereof.